What is Walker Ridge?

Located at the border of Colusa and Lake counties, Walker Ridge is managed by the Bureau of Land Management and designated for recreational purposes. Its serpentine soil and varied geologic formations attracts all types, from birders and hikers to hunters and botanists.

It’s one of the best places in Northern California to experience the rare adobe-lily (Fritillaria pluriflora), bald eagles, or a woodland of McNab cypress (Hesperocyparis macnabiana)). But Walker Ridge is also a frequent target for development.

Today, Algonquin Power and Utility proposes to build a large wind energy project where scientists have found at least 27 different rare plant species. This is the fourth wind energy project proposed since 2000. (Click Here To Learn More)

Here are some of the plants that can be seen on Walker Ridge presented in a dynamic Slide Show.

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