Kristin Jakob, Botanical Artist and Essential VolunteerKristin Jakob por

Born and raised in Marin County, Kristin Jakob has been a member of CNPS since she was 12! Influenced by parents and neighbors she “grew up entranced by our region’s extraordinary natural history.” Encouraged to draw by artistic parents, she began illustrating animals, yet soon shifted her focus to plants. Her inspiration, talent, and dedication have brought her success and the Chapter an invaluable supporter.

Early InfluencersKristin Jakob age 5

Kristin’s father was a chemical engineer by profession, but amongst his hobbies were geology and diatoms embedded in geologic strata, which he illustrated beautifully. Her mother grew up in Norway where she was a wildflower enthusiast. She studied textile design in Switzerland and had a very good eye for graphic design.

Kristin’s neighbor, Virginia Stone, was an early member of CNPS, even before the Marin Chapter was formed. She introduced Kristin to plants and took her on botany outings in her early teens.

Inspiration Becomes Art and Action

Since her childhood exploring California wilderness, Kristin has been learning and working with a wide diversity of plants. As an illustrator, she pays homage to her favorite subjects: the native plants, fungi, and lichens of California. To her, accuracy and beauty are equally important goals. “My art serves as a medium through which my chosen subjects can, themselves, reveal their exquisite characters to the viewer.”Kristin Jakob Illustrations

Essentially self-taught, Kristin honed her technique at London’s Royal College of Art, where she was awarded an M.A. in 1981. Kristin has exhibited widely in the United States and in London. She has self-published an ever-expanding line of cards and fine art prints and selectively undertakes private and commercial commissions. Her botanical art has illustrated numerous journals and several books along with gracing packaging designs and educational posters. Published commissions include a series of line drawings for “Wild Lilies, Irises, and Grasses: Gardening with California Monocots” – UC Press 2003, a poster “Wildflowers of the Sierra Nevada” and a set of four placemats/posters depicting grasses, both for CNPS. In 2013, Kristin was awarded a Milley for creative achievement in the visual arts by the Mill Valley Arts Commission, and in 2018 was the invited Featured Artist at the Mill Valley Fall Arts Festival.

Kristin’s art extends beyond paper. She has been a garden consultant since the 1980s, helping homeowners with plant selection and placement. Although she designs with an international plant palette, her most recent garden clients have all wanted only California native plants – a good sign!


Upon returning to California after years in France and England, Kristin resumed her participation in CNPS activities, including Wilma Follette’s popular Tuesday Taxonomy Trips and Wednesday Wildflower Walks.

She has served as Marin Chapter Program Chair, Co-Vice President and Plant Sales Co-Chair for many years along with helping her mother with her Poster Chair duties.

Check out Kristin’s website for examples of her beautiful art and give her a high five for her commitment to CNPS when we next get to meet in person.