Saturday April 27, 10:00a.m. – 2:00p.m.
Ring Mountain Open Space Preserve, Tiburon

The abundant growth and blossoming of springtime has meant more than just beauty to those depending upon the Marin woodlands, fields, and waters for their sustenance. Spring brings a rich variety of nutritious greens, corms and bulbs, shoots and roots for basketry, plus plants used for tonics and medicines.

Join naturalist Kurt Rademacher for a 2.5-mile hike at Ring Mountain Preserve, with about 600’ of elevation gain and descent, with frequent pauses to discuss and demonstrate many traditional plant uses (no actual harvesting of plants). Learn 10 Native American uses for Soap Plant besides as soap, and at least 8 indigenous uses of different parts of the Bay Laurel tree! Find out why “ear-stick plant” is the Yuki name for maidenhair fern. He’ll also discuss how centuries of traditional practices such as pruning, digging, and burning favored and replenished many of the most useful plants.

Bring your lunch and water, plus gear appropriate to the weather.

Sturdy boots recommended, as some portions of the trail are steep and rocky.965b458a ef98 42d5 99ef a283a3d5d029