It’s still planting time and that means our spring sale is almost here!

The sale will open for ordering online April 4th at 6pm, through the link posted here. We will have a special emphasis on plants that provide resources for pollinators, birds and other creatures, including narrow-leaf milkweed for monarch butterflies. In addition to live plants, we will also be selling our popular line of locally-sourced native seeds. All of these species offer great choices for increasing the biodiversity in your yard. We’ll also have a variety of shrubs to plant before the weather warms up. Adequate rain this winter means the plants will thrive once planted.

Online Plant Sale OpensThursday April 4 at 6 pm
Online Plant Sale Closes: Monday April 8 at 6 pm

Boxed orders must be picked up on Sat. April 13th between 10:30am and 1:00pm, in the parking lot of Bon Air Shopping Center, Greenbrae.

Plant Sale Now Closed

Shrubs available include 9 species of ceanothus, 5 salvias, spice bush, creek dogwood, Nevin’s barberry and silk tassel bush, as well as trusty favorites like coffeeberry, toyon, Island tree mallow, and Catalina cherry. Perennials include lots of narrow-leaf milkweed, Santa Cruz Island buckwheat (Eriogonum arborescens), 3 monkeyflowers (hybrid and shrub), Yellow Evening Primrose, California phacelia, soap lily, 3 types of gumplant, western goldentop and pipevine. Bulbs include 2 colors of Douglas iris, Golden Brodeia and Triteleia Queen Fabiola.

Among the species being offered for the first time are Giant sunflower (Helianthus californicus), ‘Claremont’ currant (large flower clusters), Heuchera ‘Opal’ (paler pink flowers), Palmer’s penstemon (pink with raspberry streaks), and Ground iris (Iris macrosiphon). We are also hoping to have Western redbud.

We plan to have a number of annual spring wildflowers as well; we’re waiting to see which ones are perfect for planting by the time of the sale.

cephalanthus occidentalis buttonbush

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