A group of 12 people enjoyed a Field Trip from Rock Spring at Mount Tamalpais State Park led by Shelly Benson and Kristin Jakob. After a short introduction featuring our Califonia State Lichen, lace lichen (Ramalina menziesii), we moved a short distance to a group of rocks where Shelly talked about the different types of lichens and showed some examples to be found on the rock. We moved another short distance to view the lichens on a nearby Douglas fir, then up the trail to the Rock Spring – Lagunitas fire road, Potrero Meadow, Barth’s Retreat, and back to Rock Spring via Simmons Trail. It was a sunny, pleasantly warm day with plenty of lichens to see along the trail.

Photos by Vernon and Doreen Smith, and Kristin Jakob.

Click on the thumbnails to see larger images.

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