A large number of plant enthuiasts joined Sherry Adams, Preserve Biologist at the Modini Mayacamas Preserves for a serpentine and fire ecology plant walk and drive up Pine Flat Road north of Healdsburg on May 10, 2016.

Many plants were seen including some rare listed species, and included Iris fernaldii (Fernald’s iris), Leptosiphon bicolor (baby stars), Ranunculus occidentalis (western buttercup), Plagiobothrys tener var. tener (slender popcorn flower), Allium bolanderi (Bolander’s onion), Astragalus breweri (Brewer’s milkvetch), Lomatium marginatum var. marginatum (Butte desert-parsley), Galium andrewsii (phlox-leaved bedstraw), Minuartia douglasii (Douglas’s sandwort), Streptanthus brachiatus (brachiate streptanthus), Allium falcifolium (white form of sickle-leaved onion), Asclepias solanoana (serpentine milkweed), and Ceanothus incanus (coast white-thorn ceanothus).

Thanks to Carolyn Longstreth for organizing this fine hike.

Text and photos by Vernon Smith.

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