Lindy Novy led a group of about 20 to explore the serpentine meadows and redwood canyons of the Gary Giacomini Open Space Preserve.

We took the main trail for a short distance before crossing the stream and heading up to Bates Meadow. Some of the serpentine and other species that we found there included Madia elegans (common Madia), Clarkia rubicunda (ruby chalice Clarkia), Monardella purpurea (serpentine Pennyroyal), Eriogonum luteolum var. caninum (Tiburon Buckwheat), Eriogonum nudum var. nudum (nude buckwheat), Lessingia micradenia var. micradenia (Mount Tamalpais Lessingia), and Arctostaphylos montana ssp. montana (Mount Tamalpais Manzanita).

We retraced our steps back to the main trail and followed it up the canyon where we found several redwood forest species and others including Gamochaeta ustulata (cudweed), Veronica americana (American Brooklime), Hieracium albiflorum (hawkweed), Senecio minimus (Australian fireweed), Cyperus eragrostis (umbrella sedge), Navarretia squarrosa (skunkweed), Centaurium tenuiflorum (centaury), Anisocarpus madioides (woodland Madia), Rosa gymnocarpa (wood rose), Asyneuma prenanthoides (Redwood Harebell), and Piperia transversa (transverse-spurred rein-orchid).

After reaching Conifer Road we returned to the trailhead.

Thanks to Susan Schlosser for organizing this fine hike, and to Linda Novy for leading it.

Updated Plant List

Text and photos by Vernon Smith.

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