Fire Followers - Butts Canyon Rd.

Wildfires in Napa and Lake Counties in 2014–2015 destroyed over 150,000 acres of chaparral and woodland. The most destructive fire by far was the Valley Fire, which took four lives and over a thousand homes. As the people of Lake County rebuild, so does the bar¬ren landscape show clear signs of recovery. Chaparral shrubs display their adaptation to fire by sprouting new leaves from stumps and roots; after the winter rains, the bright colors of annual plant species spread across the nutrient-charged burn area. Regrowth and recovery is well underway.

Dick travels throughout northern California, Oregon, and Arizona every year to learn about their distinc¬tive floras. A retired economist, he has no economic reason to do otherwise, he says. The best course of action, he adds, is to apply himself to the most rewarding undertakings and to share the findings with the botanical world.


Fire followers- Butts Canyon Road, Pope Valley, CA