Plant ID workshops have ended at San Francisco State University

Due to the fact that there are no botany graduate
students (in a morphological / ecological sense)
currently in the program at San Francisco State
University, plant ID workshops have regretfully come
to an end. December’s workshop was the last one.
Many people have benefitted from these workshops
and have found them both informative and
educational. It’s been a joy, over these many years,
to coordinate this program and to spend time with
young, enthusiastic botanists. Each and every one
of them has been very special. I wish to thank all the
graduate students who contributed to the program and
for their dedication in educating people about native
plants, plant families, and keying with the impressive
but formidable Jepson Manual.

Questions? Please contact Mila Stroganoff at milastroganoff@sbcglobal.net