Pilot Knob, Lake Lagunitas, Lagunitas Meadows Area, Sky Oaks

Thursday, March 16, 2023 – 10 am to 2 pm

Leader: Sherry Adams – Vegetation Ecologist, Marin Water

Please sign up for this field trip by emailing Susan Schlosser.   Susan will send you a link to the waiver.

DSCF4396Early season wildflowers are in bloom! In addition to seeing plenty of showy ones like hound’s tongue, shooting star, zigadene lily, and warrior’s plume, we will also see some of the more subtle beauties of the season like hazelnut (separate male and female flowers!) and two species of sanicle and saxifrage.

On this walk you will see the impact of forest pathogens, (including Cinnamon dieback, first isolated on Pilot Knob ten years ago) along with Marin Water’s (formerly MMWD) active management. We will talk about the ecology of this dynamic system, learn about some of the trees here, and meet native grasses.

This hike is especially suitable for beginning plant enthusiasts.

Meet at the Lake Lagunitas picnic/parking area. Marin Water will provide parking passes.DSCF4403