October Plants of the Month

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Photo by Vernon Smith

Aphyllon californicum ssp. californicum (red-purple broomrape)

Orobanche species in California are now in genus Aphyllon

Deinandra corymbosa – (fragrant tarplant)

Deinandra corymbosa – fragrant tarplant
Photo by Vernon Smith

Symphyotrichum chilense – (common Pacific aster)

Marin County Asters
Photo by Vernon Smith

Hemizonia congesta ssp. congesta – (white seaside tarplant)

Fall-Blooming Marin Tarplants

Aphyllon vallicola – (elderberry broomrape)

Aphyllon vallicola (Elderberry Broomrape)

Malvella leprosa – (white alkali mallow)

New Plants for Marin Flora