July Plants of the Month

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Clarkia rubicunda – (ruby-chalice Clarkia)

Marin’s Native Clarkia Species
Photo by Vernon Smith

Calycadenia multiglandulosa – (tack-stem)

Marin’s Calycadenia

Triantha occidentalis ssp. occidentalis – (marsh Tofieldia)

Marsh Tofieldia – Triantha occidentalis ssp. occidentalis

Hetherotheca sessiliflora ssp. bolanderioides – (woolly golden-aster)

Two subpecies of Heterotheca sessiliflora in Marin?

Madia elegans – (common Madia)

Madia elegans (common Madia)
Photo by Vernon Smith

Monardella sinuata var. nigrescens – (wavy-leaved monardella)

Marin Monardella species

Lessingia micradenia var. micradenia – (Mount Tamalpais Lessingia)

Lessingia micradenia var, micradenia (Tamalpais Lessingia)