April Plants of the Month

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Erythranthe nasuta 2019 05 05 4661c

Erythranthe nasuta – (annual yellow monkeyflower)

Erythranthe nasuta – (annual yellow monkeyflower)

Kopsiopsis hookeri – (Hooker’s ground-cone)

Kopsiopsis species—Ground-cones

Triphysaria eriantha ssp. rosea – (rosy owl’s-clover)

Trouble with Triphysaria

Streptanthus anomalus – (Mt Burdell jewelflower)

Mt. Burdell Jewelflower

Clarkia concinna ssp. raichei – (Raiche’s red- ribbons)

Clarkia concinna ssp. raichei (Raiche’s red- ribbons clarkia)
Trifolium longipes IMG 8580m

Trifolium longipes ssp. hansenii – (Hansen’s long-stemmed clover)

Two clovers that are uncommon in Marin