Saturday, May 7 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Marin CNPS member Alice Batchelder has generously invited fellow members to join her on a walk around the Missimer Preserve on Putah Creek, near Snell Valley in Napa County (Putah Creek feeds into Lake Berryessa from the northwest), where she has a cabin. Alice has been visiting the Preserve since the early 1970s.

Alice reports that, in this good wildflower year, there is an excellent display on the Missimer Preserve, which is managed by the Land Trust of Napa County. Habitats range from riparian, serpentine outcrops, open grass/pasture lands and up into mixed oak woodlands. Among the 50 or more species in flower are abundant delphiniums, fields of Tritelia laxa, and lots of Lewisia rediviva. A nearby gravel bar is loaded with Blazing Stars, Mentzelia laevicaulis. The drive in will cross an area that burned in 2014 where there is a strong resurgence of shrubs and a prolific bloom and if there is time, we can look for a nearby patch of stream orchid.

 Dress in layers; bring sunhat and sunscreen, lunch, and water. Heavy rain cancels.

 To sign up and receive directions and carpooling information, contact Carolyn Longstreth at or 415-669- 7514.

Download a Plant List

Photos by Vernon Smith

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