Milkweeds and MonarchsThis is an on-going collaborative project between Marin Audubon Society and Home Ground Habitats: MAS owns the land, and HGH provides the plants. Volunteers are always welcome to help with the work involved. We are creating habitat for the Monarch butterfly by planting milkweed, which is the host plant for the larval stage of this iconic creature, as well as nectar-rich California native annual wildflowers, perennials, and shrubs.

Coming into the third year of this project, more than 700 California native Asclepias fascicularis (narrowleaf milkweed) have been planted out at Marin Audubon Society’s site on their Simmons Slough preserve in Novato, as well as a site closer to the Deer Island Open Space Preserve.

The project is supported by both paid labor and volunteers helping with the lighter, more straightforward tasks necessary to complete and maintain the restoration site. All materials and tools are provided; we only need some helping hands!

Workdays are scheduled seasonally, depending on the weather and conditions of the soil; please watch for a Marin CNPS email announcement or contact MAS members:

Ed Nute: 415-669-7710
Lowell Skyes: 415-388-2821