by Doreen Smith

Some rare Navarretia species grow on Mt. Burdell in Novato.
When Olompali Rancho and Mt. Burdell Open Space Preserve were first opened to the public, people on Marin CNPS botanical expeditions led by Wilma Follette found three new species of Navarretia for Marin County.

Two are rare: the vernal pool white-flowered Baker’s navarretia (Navarretia leucocephala spp. bakeri, CNPS LIST 1B.1) and the cream-flowered adobe-soil cotula navarretia (N. cotulifolia, CNPS LIST 4.2). The third is the more common blue-flowered Navarretia pubescens.

Photos by Vernon and Doreen Smith

Navarretia leucocephala ssp. bakeri – (vernal pool Baker’s navarretia)


Photo by Vernon Smith

Navarretia cotulifolia – (cotula-leaved navarretia)


Photo by Vernon Smith

Navarretia pubescens – (blue Navarretia)