This will be a day-long field trip to observe Ceanothus species in a wild setting. This field trip will take place in Marin County, California, along the Bolinas-Fairfax Road, an area that is home to more than seven Ceanothus species, a remarkable concentration of diversity. During several stops along a route from Fairfax to Bolinas, participants will have the opportunity to see as many as six Ceanothus taxa (species and varieties), and observe several interesting hybrids. At each stop, Dylan will discuss identification, biology, evolution, and ecology of individual taxa. Time will be taken to consider the plant communities, and to enjoy the natural setting provided by each stop. The trip will be focused around four sites, with up to three species per site.

Please wear sturdy shoes for hiking on rocky trails for up to one-half mile, and wear clothing that will protect you from the scratching branches of chaparral plants. Bring plenty of water and pack a lunch, as the field trip will continue during lunch; we’ll try to stop somewhere nice for the lunch break.

Please meet at Azalea Hill Trailhead, off of the Bolinas-Fairfax Road.

Leader: Dylan O. Burge, Ph.D.