Marin has Trillum chloropetalum plants with the petal-color being either green, brown, pink or red-purple.
On the immediate coast of Point Reyes, for example on Tomales Point and on the Marin Headlands at Wolfback Ridge, petals can be shorter than those of inland populations.

Trillium chloropetalum LV sm Trillium chloropetalum T sm
Trillum chloropetalum on Lucas Valley Rd. (Photo by Doreen Smith)
Trillum chloropetalum at Walker Creek. (Photo by Doreen Smith)


Trillium chloropetalum T2 sm Trillium chloropetalum 2sm
Trillum chloropetalum on Tomales Point.  (Photo by Doreen Smith)
Trillum chloropetalum on Tomales Point. (Photo by Doreen Smith)