Fritillaria affinis Liberty Springs 04 22 06 6644Sunday, March 8, 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Lower Steep Ravine trail and the Rocky Point Road down to the Steep Ravine cabins can be quiteincredible in early March. To the east of Route 1 are a botanically rich riparian habitat that is the home to Trillium chloropetalum (sessile-flowered wakerobin), both species of Maianthemum (Solomon seal), Fritillaria affinis (mission bells) and Prosartes smithii (smith’s fairy bells). After seeing those, we’ll cross Route 1 and explore the “soft chaparral” as we look for a picnic site overlooking the ocean, passing such colorful gems as Lasthenia californica (goldfields), Layia platyglossa (tidytips), Castilleja subinclusa ssp. franciscana (Franciscan Indian paintbrush), and, if we’re fortunate, we’ll get to smell the heavenly scent of the rare (for Marin) yellow Erysimum franciscanum (wallflower).

Meet at the lower trailhead to Steep Ravine, located on Highway 1, a mile or so south of Stinson Beach. If you’re unfamiliar with the area, look for the large and visible gate that’s the entrance to the Steep Ravine Cabins and park at one of the small parking areas or pullouts nearby. The hike will start across the street from the gate.

Leader: Terry Gosliner, 415.379.5269,