Navarretia pubescens

by Doreen Smith

Mt. Burdell is the only place known in Marin for populations of Navarretia pubescens (blue Navarretia), otherwise common in many parts of California.
The old 1970 edition of Marin Flora omitted 3 species, (Navarretia leucocephala ssp. bakeriNavarretia cotulifolia, and Navarretia pubescens), later found in the area that is now a public open space preserve. When the plants were first discovered in 1994, on one of Wilma Follette’s field trips, they obviously would not key out satisfactorily using the Marin Flora 1970 edition. Now we know that Mt. Burdell is a special area for some native species, not otherwise found in our County. A plant list for Mt. Burdell is available on this website and if you find anything not mentioned there, please let us know.

Photos by Vernon Smith

Photo by Vernon Smith

Navarretia pubescens – (blue Navarretia)


Navarretia pubescens – (blue Navarretia)