Drought smGardening During Drought

Native plants are adapted to our summer-dry climate, and they make a particularly good choice when water is in short supply.



planting in spring 2018Planting Natives in Spring

Care of new plants purchased and planted in the spring, when the rainy season is winding down



planting in fall 2018Planting Natives in Fall   

Care of new plants purchased and planted in the fall, ahead of rainy season



Sowing wildflowers 2018Sowing wildflower mix

Instructions for planting wildflower seed mix over a large area



  best bee plants 2018Best Plants for Bees

 A listing of the native plants attractive to native bees and which species will visit your flowers. From the Urban Bee Lab, Berkeley




butterfly host plants 2018Butterfly Larval Host plants

What to plant to attract specific species of butterflies to your garden




Butterfly Nectar Plants

Butterfly Nectar plants

How to provide nectar resources for adult butterflies



our native pollinators 2018Our Native Pollinators

How to differentiate the most common bees, flies and bugs that are likely to pollinate your garden



deer country 2018Gardening in Deer Country

Notes on which plants are least tempting to deer and some tips on protecting your plants until they are established



chaparral list 2018Chaparral plant list

Chaparral plants thrive on open slopes with full sun, low water and fast-draining, gravelly soil



grassland list 2018Grasslands plant List

Grasslands mix perennial bunchgrasses with bulbs and annual wildflowers that die back as the dry season occurs



under oaks list 2018Plant list for Under Oaks

Oaks should not be watered in summer and these plants will thrive under those conditions as well



riparian list 2018Riparian plant list

Riparian plants grow in damp, streamside conditions, and usually will tolerate some degree of shade and water immersion



 shady slopesNative Plants for Shady Slopes

Landscaping a north facing or shady slope can be problematic for a number of reasons.



sunny slopesNative Plants for Sunny Slopes

Many of California’s native plants are ideal for sunny slopes.



Plants for salt water

Plant List for Saltwater

Plants that will tolerate saltwater or brackish water



 Planting Milkweed 2018Planting Milkweeds

Tips on germinating milkweed plants from seed




salvia from seed 2018

Salvia from Seed

Tips for imitating the fire-adapted strategies that assist germination of salvias from seed



Planting bulbs

Planting Native Bulbs

Tips for fall planting of native bulbs



Care of Bulbs 2018Care of Bulbs

Notes on handling and care of native bulbs through summer dormancy for fall planting



what not to plant 2018What Not to Plant

Invasive, non-native plants that should not be in your garden and suggested ideas for replacing them if they are