Getting Started with Marin Grasses

by Bruce Homer-Smith

Grasses have a reputation for being difficult to learn. Their parts are small and have specialized names. There are hundreds of species, and many look similar to the untrained eye. However, now has tools to help you learn your local grasses. With a little patience, you can start distinguishing significant differences in grasses, just as you learned to identify flowers and other plant.two grasses

PlantID’s simple searches, comparison tools, and illustrated genera descriptions will help you learn about grasses and develop an eye for how their general forms and flower parts differ. Even if you don’t always get to species, you’ll start to notice features you used to miss.

Grasses are complex, which is wonderful, if seemingly daunting. They reward close attention and study. Start using grass tools by focusing on one particular grass. Learn how to use the options and explore all the information about that species. Have fun with it!

PlantID grass search toolWant more information? Bruce has prepared a Zoom presentation for Marin Chapter about PlantID’s new grass teaching tools. Join him June 14, 2021 at 7:30 (register here: or view his talk afterwards on our YouTube Channel – CNPS Marin .