Plant Lists for Gardens

Chaparral Plant List

Chaparral plants thrive on open slopes with full sun, low water and fast-draining, gravelly soil


Grasslands Plant List

Grasslands mix perennial bunchgrasses with bulbs and annual wildflowers that die back as the dry season occurs


Plant List for Under Oaks

Oaks should not be watered in summer and these plants will thrive under those conditions as well


Riparian Plant List

Riparian plants grow in damp, streamside conditions, and usually will tolerate some degree of shade and water immersion


Native Plants for Shady Slopes

Landscaping a north facing or shady slope can be problematic for a number of reasons.


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Native Plants for Sunny Slopes

Many of California’s native plants are ideal for sunny slopes.


Plant List for Saltwater

Plants that will tolerate saltwater or brackish water


What Not to Plant

Invasive, non-native plants that should not be in your garden and suggested ideas for replacing them if they are

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Marin Gardening Group

We have created the Marin CNPS Native Plant Gardening Group—a community of Marin native-plant gardeners, to share information about native plant gardening. Activities of this group include, for example, on-line discussions of native plant gardening in Marin, seed swaps and virtual or in person site visits to native plant gardens. If you would like to join the Marin Gardening Group, please fill out this short survey and we will add you to the email list.