FritillariaThursday, March 12, 10 a.m.–12 p.m.

Join Marabeth Grahame for a foray around Homestead Valley for early spring wildflowers, especially the chocolate lily! Starting at 4-Corners, Marabeth will lead the group down into Homestead Valley through coastal prairie and chaparral. Our destination is the meadow below Amaranth, where the listed Fritillaria lanceolata var. tristuli  (Marin checker lily) blooms each spring. Calochortus umbellatus (Oakland star tulip), Berberis pinnata (barberry), and Toxicoscordion fremontii (Fremont’s deathcamas) are also in these meadows. On the return, we will traverse forest habitat where Prosartes hookeri, Maianthemum stellatum (starflowered lily-of-the-valley), and, our plant of the month, Scoliopus bigelovii (fetid adder’s tongue) grow.

This loop is 1.3 miles with a 600-foot descent and climb. Trails are narrow and rutted in some places.

We will meet at the intersection of Panoramic Hwy & Sequoia Valley Road in Mill Valley—aka 4-Corners—where there is plenty of parking.

Heavy rain cancels.

Leader: Marabeth Grahame