Pedicularis densiflora – warrior’s plume (Orobanchaceae)

A hemi-parasitic perennial plant common in Marin woodlands. Flowers can
be often early, before the leafing out of deciduous trees, in the late
winter and early spring. Often they are  associated with Madrone (Arbutus
menziesii). The flowers are red and the leaves are green.

Marin does have an unusual variant population, first mentioned by J. T.
Howell in his early editions of Marin Flora. These plants grow on the San
Geronimo Ridge in serpentine chaparral.  There they are associated with the
Mt. Tamalpais manzanita (Arctostaphylos montana ssp. montana).  The plants
have deep rose-pink flowers and reddish-purple leaves.

Text by Doreen Smith

Photo by Vernon Smith

Pedicularis densiflora (warrior’s plume)

Photo of normal form by Vernon Smith.

Pedicularis densiflora (warrior’s plume)
Form found on SanGeronimo Ridge.

Photo by Doreen Smith.