Vernon Smith

2023 Floral Highlights

 March 11, 2024 – Zoom presentation – 7:30pm

“2023 Floral Highlights from California and Beyond – Images by CNPS Members”

Guest Speakers: Betsey Crawford, Madeline Kellner, Doreen & Vernon Smith, Dana Swisher, and Suzanne Weakley

Our presenters will share their best recent photos – Betsey, Suzanne, and Vernon have images of native species from Marin and other locations in California. Dana will show us her shots from observing Monarch butterflies in Mexico. Madeline will share floral delights from much of the Americas: California and her travels in Guatemala, Ecuador, Peru and Costa Rica.

As a landscape designer and environmental activist, Betsey Crawford devoted her efforts to planting native plants and restoring ecosystems. Now retired and living in a town named with a wildflower, she shares her passion for nature with photos and essays about wildflowers, ecology, botany, spirit, and all things nature on her website, The Soul of the Earth:

Madeline Kellner: Native plant enthusiast, community developer, avid traveler

Doreen and Vernon Smith are long-time members of the Marin Chapter of the CNPS. Doreen served for many years as Rare Plant Chair for the Chapter and gained an encyclopedic knowledge of where the native plants grow, and when they flower. Her botanical expertise helped Vernon find and photograph most of Marin’s native species.

Dana Swisher is a teacher and the garden director at Neil Cummins Elementary School.  She is also the founder and director of Refugia Marin, a nonprofit devoted to fostering environmental stewardship. Dana just returned from a trip with Wendy Caldwell, executive director of  Monarch Joint Venture that is working to preserve the eastern monarch migratory population.

Suzanne Weakley is a San Francisco native who grew up on a ranch in Sonoma County, where she learned to love California wildflowers at an early age.  Currently, she is one of the volunteer photo editors for Calflora.


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Rhododendron columbianum – Labrador tea
Photo by Suzanne Weakley

Limnanthes douglasii ssp. sulphurea – Point Reyes meadow-foam Photo by Vernon Smith

Styrax redivivus -Snowdrop
Photo By Betsey Crawford

Monardella odoratissima – coyote mint
with Gnophaela latipennis butterfly
Photo by Betsey Crawford

Calochortus venustus butterfly mariposa lily Photo by Suzanne Weakley

Epidendrum sp
Photo by Madeline Kellner

Aristolochia sp
from Guatemala
Photo by Madeline Kellner

Orchid sp
from Guatemala
Madeline Kellner

Monarchs on fir in Mexico
Photo by Dana Swisher

Monarch Butterflies in Mexico
Photo by Dana Swisher


Mar 11 2024


7:30 pm - 9:00 pm
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