2015-05-meeting-01Highlights of Cook & Green Pass, Siskiyou Mountains, CA2015-05-meeting-02
Guest Speaker: Ted Kipping

Cook and Green Pass Botanical Area is 700 acres located in the Siskiyou Mountains. An area of great geological and botanical diversity, it contains a mosaic of plant communities, and is a biological hotspot full of interesting as well as beautiful plants. Low-elevation plants such as manzanitas and rhododendrons are juxtaposed with such high-elevation plants as mountain hemlock, Jeffrey pine, and Brewer’s spruce.
Come join us for an intimate look at this amazing place. The area has a phenomenal concentration of native plant species, with possibly as many as 300 species present. It also contains a large stand of Siskiyou Cypress (Cupressus bakeri ssp. matthewsii). Rare or sensitive plants present include Pedicularis howellii, Siskiyou lewisia (Lewisia cotyledon), Antennaria racemosa, and Lilium wigginsii. Botanists and plant enthusiasts from around the country consider the Cook and Green Pass area significant.

Ted Kipping is a Life Member of CNPS and many other botanical, horticultural, and natural history groups. He studied natural history at Columbia University in NYC, worked at the Botanical Gardens in Golden Gate Park, and started his own arboriculture firm serving the Bay Area (Tree Shapers, LLC) nearly 40 years ago. Ted has travelled all over the western US as well as wild places in many other parts of the world. His photography has been extensively published.

Important note: This spring, the Redwoods is undergoing remodeling work that will affect our meeting space; we will likely be moved to a smaller room inside the westernmost corner of the facility for our May and June meetings while the auditorium is used as a dining room.
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