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With its wide mosaic of habitats ranging from lofty redwoods groves to the serenity of the oak woodlands, one could easily assume that along with the diversity of flora, there would be a vast diversity of fauna. This is what the Marin Wildlife Picture Index project attempts to prove. Join Jake Kurzweil in a tour of the animal world that we only seldom stumble upon. We will discuss the purpose, methods and findings of this project as we take a snap shot of Marin’s Fauna.

Growing up in a tributary of the Ross Valley Watershed, Jake Kurzweil spent his youth exploring the diverse ecosystems of Mt Tamalpias, observing the local flora and fauna, hiking its jagged ridges and riding down its fire roads. After years spent studying and working on natural resources across the North and Intermountain West, Jake has returned the mountain that first ignited his passion for nature and now manages One Tam’s Citizen Science and Restoration Program. This program includes a diverse portfolio, ranging from the Marin Wild life Picture Index project to habitat restoration across four different agencies lands. When he’s not in the field, he spends his time building partnerships to ensure that his backyard is there for generations to come.