Monday, April 9, 2018     7:30 p.m.

Gardening for Butterflies

Guest Speaker: Charlotte Torgovitsky

How can you invite the winged jewels into your garden sanctuary?
From the regal monarch to the dainty “gossamer-winged ones,” the more you understand about these most remarkable changelings of nature, the more your habitat garden will be graced by their presence.  Did you know that some butterflies are easily identified by their flight patterns, that monarch butterfly females search for certain qualities in the host plant before laying their eggs on it, and that some species can emerge from the pupa years after going into the pupal stage? You’ll gain insight into the life cycles of these beautiful creatures by learning about the different life stages, the host plants and habitats frequented, and some fascinating ecological adaptations that make these creatures such a compelling study. Detailed handouts will be provided.

Charlotte Torgovitsky is a naturalist who loves to garden!  As a lifelong student of nature and an organic gardener since 1975, she spends hours each day hiking or gardening, tending compost, and propagating plants. Charlotte is the immediate past president of the Marin chapter of the California Native Plant Society, and she now serves as the “Gardening with Natives” Chair. In 2011, Charlotte founded Home Ground Habitats, a volunteer-powered nursery that grows and provides native plants for numerous projects around Marin County.