Monday June 8, 7:30 pm  Online Zoom Presentation

Grow Your Plant Knowledge with Calflora

CALGuest Speaker:  Cynthia Powell
Executive Director, Calflora

Home learning tools are more important now than ever before. Join us for a virtual meeting that will help us grow our plant knowledge from home. For our chapter meeting, Cynthia Powell will show us how to increase our understanding and appreciation of California flora by using Calflora’s tools to better learn local species, submit chapter checklists to Calflora, use the Planting Guide that describes which California native plants will grow well at a particular location, and identify Great Places to view native plants.

Calflora is a nonprofit organization responsible for the website, which you can use to learn about plants that grow wild in California (both native plants and weeds). Information in Calflora comes from many sources: public agencies, non-profits, scientists, and private donors. You can also become a supporter and contributor.

Cynthia Powell is Calflora’s Executive Director. She previously served 3 years as their GIS Project Manager. Cynthia graduated in 2010 with an MS in GIS that involved forecasting Mokelumne River water supply based on MODIS remote sensing snow pack images. She’s been examining what was under that snow — plants — ever since. She now coordinates all Calflora programs, research, outreach, and advocacy, as well as fundraising and management.