7:30 p.m. – Online Zoom Presentation

Plant ID for the Curious
Guest Speaker: Bruce Homer-Smith


Plant idPlantID.net is a website for people who see a plant in the wild and wonder about it. A large community of plant enthusiasts add ID tips and stories to make PlantID.net an extraordinary place to learn about California plants. You enter what you know about your plant (where you are, plant type, color, leaf arrangement, deciduous, has berries, etc.) and get a short picture-list of possibilities. Then you dive down into photos and captions to learn more about your plant.

Bruce Homer-Smith is a retired database developer. He loves to learn about plants in the wild because it helps him notice more when he’s out. Since 2012 he’s spent about half time programming and adding content to PlantID.net – a labor of love.

PlantID.net offers over 100 local guides for Marin County.  For instance, here’s one for Bull Point Wildflowers by Amelia Ryan.  https://PlantID.net/?PlantList=Bull+Point+Wildflowers