Polypodium glycyrrhiza

Muir Woods—A Close Look at Park Health During NPS Centennial

Guest Speaker: Mia Monroe

Take a walk with Muir Woods National Park Ranger, Mia Monroe, to learn what scientists are sharing with the National Park Service on the health and future of this redwood forest, with a focus on the good news as well as what is disturbing. We’ll also look at restoration efforts and learn about park plans to better manage this special place during the NPS’ second century! Mia Monroe is a national park ranger, currently working as the NPS Marin Community Liaison, yet still deeply rooted in several decades of park work at Muir Woods National Monument. She helped establish park nurseries, took part in restoring the Redwood Creek watershed from the lagoon at Muir Beach to the old growth redwood forests, and is currently in the thick of the new One Tam collaboration. Guided by Rachel Carson’s suggestion to foster a sense of wonder in youth, Mia believes that walking to observe and learn, involving others in dialogue and stewardship, is the way to work. She watches out for monarchs, has a fondness for ferns, and kisses banana slugs.

Licorice fern (Polypodium glycyrrhiza) in Muir Woods – Vernon Smith

For more information on our speaker, Mia Monroe, read this article from BayNature magazine.