Bay Area residents are lucky enough to live in the center of diversity for the genus. Such a locale is both a blessing and a curse, as the desire to see them all can be overwhelming! Kipp spent five months of 2015 on drives from the Bay Area to Southern California in search of these beautiful flowers. His presentation will include the natural history of this fascinating genus, a sampling of most of the species within a day’s drive of Berkeley, and the habitats where these flowers can be found. The talk will include a photographic log of a spring and summer in search of this “beautiful grass.”
Kipp McMichael is a web developer by profession and a plant-lover by temperament. He lives is Berkeley with his two husbands and far, far too many plants—mostly succulents and South African geophytes. When not pushing 1s and 0s, he spends as much time as possible exploring California’s diverse landscapes, flora and fauna.

Photos by Kipp McMichael.