“Impacts from the Woodward Fire and their influence on community resilience” Guest Speaker: Tanya Baxter, Principal at Baxter Botanical, Botanist and Natural Resource Management Specialist

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58782In 2020, the Woodward Fire at Point Reyes National Seashore burned 5000 acres throughout diverse plant assemblages on the coast. A third of the fire re-burned in a section of the 1995 Vision Fire. Differing fire behavior and vegetative fuel types caused varying burn severities. Learn how the mix of fire intensity and recent fire history influenced what grew back.

In 2021, we designed monitoring plots to address several different compositional changes, including plant diversity. Post fire studies contribute to developing sound management strategies for post fire recovery.

Tanya Baxter M.S. is a botanist and ecologist with over 15 years of expertise in land management. She has a background in  ecological research and led landscape scale restoration projects for the national park service.  As well, she led a multi year grant to eradicate the most invasive species on 75,000 acres in Marin County combined with a dedicated volunteer program.
Tanya conducts inventories and rare plant surveys as a consultant in the SF bay area and remote areas of the northern Sierra Nevada. She served as a natural resource advisor on wildland fires in Yosemite National Park and currently serves on an advisory committee for the Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority.

Tanya teaches a Northern Flora of the Sierra Nevada credited course each June through a Sierra field campus at SFSU. Class registration are also open to the public, learn more. https://sierra.sfsu.edu/flora-northern-sierra-nevada