2015 NPW 04 13 BeePollinating

Our Pals, the Pollinators
Guest Speaker: Dick O’Donnell

The enjoyment of flowers seems to expand the more we know about the lives of flowering plants. Pollination is fundamental to the very act of flowering; it is one of those processes that certainly would reward deeper acquaintance. Were it not so confoundingly complicated, everyone with even a grain of interest in flowering plants would know all about it. This presentation will illustrate the considerable complexities and pleasures of knowing something about the pollination of some of our native flora. Consider it a promotion of further study with some interesting examples to start you off.

Dick travels throughout northern California, Oregon, and Arizona every year to learn about their distinctive floras. A retired economist, he has no economic reason to do otherwise, he says. The best course of action, he adds, is to apply himself to the most rewarding under-takings and to share the findings with the botanical world.