Monday, March 11        7:30 p.m.
“Weeds in the Wildlands”
Guest speaker:  Eva Buxton

Eva Buxton grew up in Sweden and was introduced to
plants by her mother at an early age. When she was
11, her biology teacher required a herbarium collection
of 50 plants, correctly identified with common and
scientific names, habitat, and date of collection to be
made over the summer vacation. Ever since that time
(early 1950s), she has been interested in plants. She
found it disconcerting, however, upon arrival in this
country, that many of the plants dear to her heart in
Sweden were considered “nasty weeds”! We, of course,
know them as introduced plants, some of them weedy.
Eva has an M.A. in Systematic Biology and Ecology
with emphasis on botany, and is now retired from
working as the senior botanist for LSA Associates, an
environmental consulting firm. Eva is the Conservation
and Invasive Species chair for the Marin Chapter of
CNPS and also volunteers for other environmental
organizations in the county.