June 11, 2018   7:30 p.m.

New Calflora Tools for CNPS Users
Guest Speaker: Cynthia Powell, Calflora Executive Director

Join Calflora’s new Executive Director Cynthia Powell to discuss new Calflora tools for CNPS Calflora users. Calflora’s plant database hosts over 2 million plant occurrences, some of which come directly from Marin CNPS members. Cynthia will go over Calflora’s new planting guide, population monitoring tools, Great Places, email alerts, and speak more generally about the uses of Calflora for CNPS chapters. She would also like to know how Calflora can better serve the Marin CNPS Chapter and to answer any of your question

The day after the presentation, Cynthia will demonstrate how to use Calflora in the field using a smartphone.  A hike on Ring Mountain is planned. Participation in the hike will be limited to those who attended the presentation the night before.1295