The Insects, Birds, and Other Animals that Keep Your Garden Beautiful and Thriving
Guest Speaker: Frédérique Lavoipierre, Author of Garden Allies

7:30 p.m. – Online Zoom Presentation preregister HERE

Lavoipierre headshot mThe birds, mammals, reptiles, and insects that inhabit our yards and gardens are overwhelmingly on our side—they are not our enemies, but instead our allies. They pollinate our flowers and vegetable crops, and they keep pests in check. These creatures are the key to keeping our garden’s ecology in balance. Frédérique will show us how to nurture and welcome these valuable creatures into our gardens.

Frédérique Lavoipierre was the director of education at the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, where she shared her enthusiasm for native plants and insects. Before that she was the founding director of the Sustainable Landscape Professional Certificate Program at Sonoma State University, where she revived the Garden Classroom program and established an entomology outreach program. Frédérique holds a Masters in biology, with an emphasis on ecological principles of sustainable landscapes. Prior to her graduate work which focused on plant/insect interactions, she founded and operated an organic nursery specializing in heirloom vegetables and culinary herbs from around the world. Currently she lectures, teaches, consults, and served on the editorial advisory group for the American Public Gardens Association magazine, Public Gardens, and is on the board of the Pacific Horticulture Society. Frédérique authored a ten-year long series, Garden Allies, for Pacific Horticulture magazine.