“The Flora of the Borders”
Guest Speaker: Dick O’Donnell

Lecture/slideshow starts at 7:30 p.m.

The flora of the desert Southwest changes dramatically from north to south and east to west. The highland flora of Arizona just north of the border with Mexico is very different from that of the mountains directly north and of the California desert to the west. We’ll sample the flora along several transects and enjoy the transformations. There is way too much beauty in the west to see it
all, and Arizona has a generous share of it. After his retirement from economics, Dick tried to see it all and got stuck in Arizona for a while. In recent years, Dick has spent more time botanizing in Oregon than anywhere else, but still finds time in early spring for California’s deserts. In anticipation of a return to Arizona’s summer flora, Dick will share what he’s seen in years past.aamQ1wq4