Native Gardening Advice

You can have it all with California native plants in the garden.  Whether your interest is habitat gardening for birds, butterflies or other pollinators or creating a beautiful garden that uses less water and doesn’t need pesticides and lots of fertilizer, gardening with California native plants is the way to go.

Why Garden with Natives

By David Long

California native plants evolved over thousands of years in our soils and climate. California has one of the most diverse ecosystems on earth. These range from seashore to high mountain top; from coastal areas with a temperate Mediterranean climate to deserts with dramatic temperature extremes including some of the hottest on earth.

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From Lawn to Flourishing Habitat

By Laura Lovett, Gardening with Natives Committee Chair

Lawns cover more acreage in home landscapes than any other plant and provide the least resources for other creatures. In most of California, a lawn will only thrive by irrigating it with expensive and often limited water. Consider removing your lawn and creating habitat by planting a more complex variety of species. If you include California native plants in that mix, your landscape will provide a thriving habitat while requiring less water, less energy, and no pesticides.

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Planting A Community in the Novato Wetlands

By Stacey Pogorzelski and Tiffany Higgins

A dozen people gather on a levee in the Hamilton wetlands. They walk in pairs down the side of the levee toward a seasonal wetland where shorebirds and ducks feed in water left by the last rain. The volunteers measure off a square meter of earth, mark the corners with flags and sprinkle seeds of California poppies (Eschscholzia californica) and Douglas’ mugwort (Artemisia douglasiana), and others. They then walk gently on the area to press the seeds into the soil.

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