Here you can get information about a wide range of upcoming and past activities offered by the Marin Chapter and other organizations.  At these events, you can learn more about native plants and participate in protecting and growing them.

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Meetings of the Marin Chapter and of other Native Plant organizations often feature guest speakers and topics concerning public and private projects and legislation.

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2024 Jan. Marin Chapter Meeting

Invasive species significantly threaten global biodiversity, often disrupting ecosystems and impacting native communities. Stinkwort (Dittrichia graveolens), is a rapidly spreading invader in California. In this study, we develop an improved understanding of the factors influencing stinkwort’s invasion in California. We conducted a combination of germination trials, and greenhouse, mesocosm, and field experiments to integrate insights from evolutionary ecology, response to competition and disturbance, and seed bank dynamics.

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