SonomaCkThirty-four chapters and a state office in Sacramento make up the California Native Plant Society. Use the links at right to learn more about the CNPS, the Marin chapter, and other chapters.

Marin CNPS Micro Grants for 2024

The Marin chapter of CNPS is happy to announce that we are accepting applications for our 2024 Micro Grants, intended to assist with projects that advance our mission. The California Native Plant Society is dedicated to protecting and advocating for California’s native plants. The Marin chapter focuses on expanding our knowledge about what grows in Marin, advocating for native plants and their... read more

Order “Plant Communities of Marin”

PLANT COMMUNITIES OF MARIN COUNTY Do you want to learn more about the diverse plant communities of this special county ? Plant Communities of Marin County written by David Shuford and Irene C. Timossi and illustrated with exquisite black and white photographs of the communities and their member species, is an excellent resource. Send your check payable to CNPS for $10 per copy (shipping,... read more