Erigeron biolettii (streamside daisy)

by Doreen Smith

Erigeron biolettii (streamside rayless daisy), (CNPS list 3, Greene) is a perennial plant about which the State CNPS rare plant program wishes more information.

The only population that I am sure is this species is on Mt Burdell. If anyone knows other populations let me know. It is quite like the two other Marin rayless daisies, Erigeron petrophilus and Erigeron reductus var. angustatus but differs from them in its tall erect habit and glandular foliage. Several of the greyish-leaved plants grow near the San Andreas Drive entrance to the open space on the rocky dacite lava outcrop there. They are in flower now in late in summer though may be not too easy to find unless you’re prepared for the obscure appearance.

There are a few clumps of a perennial rayless Erigeron growing roadside in the greenstone basalt rocks by the Laurel Canyon entrance to Nicasio Ridge that differ from the local species mentioned above. They are referred to as Erigeron petrophilus in Howell’s Marin Flora 2007, but in the photos below they are referred to as Nicasio Erigeron  (Nicasio rayless daisy), due to uncertainty.

Photos by Doreen Smith and Vernon Smith