Rooftop Desert1

What does rooftop solar have to do with native plants? Habitat protection!

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) wants to slash the incentives that homeowners receive for installing rooftop solar. The credit homeowners receive for generating power beyond what they use would be cut by 87%. AND homeowners would have to pay a new monthly fee, which is essentially a tax on their rooftop solar. For the average homeowner, it would be $56 a month.

This means that less people would install and maintain their own solar array, leaving the utilities to own, operate, and profit from utility-owned arrays. Utilities will build their solar farms on our remaining deserts and grasslands, with harsh consequences for California’s native plants and all the creatures that depend on them. If you agree that this is wrong, call Governor Newsom at 916-445-2841 and tell him you are opposed to the rooftop solar proposal released by the CPUC.

Please ACT NOW. The vote on this issue is scheduled for February 10th.
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