Board of Directors & Committees


 Position Name (& email)
Co-President, Plant Sale Co-Chair, Public Programs Chair  Kristin Jakob
 Co-Vice President; Chapter Council Delegate  David Long
 Treasurer, Marin Flora sales  Bonnie Gosliner
 Recording Secretary Woody Elliott
 Board Member; Conservation and Invasive Species Committee Chair  Eva Buxton
 Board Member; Newsletter Editor  Ann Elliott
 Board Member, Communications Chair, Plant Sale Co-Chair, Gardening with Natives Chair, Alternate Delegate  Laura Lovett
 Board Member; Education and Grants Scholarships Committee Chair  Paul da Silva
 Board Member  Carolyn Longstreth
 Board Member; Membership Committee Chair  Eddie Robertson
 Board Member  Harriet Casserly
 Board Member  Stacey Pogorzelski
 Board Member  Katherine Wing
 Rare Plant Committee Co-Chair  David Greenberger
 Marin CNPS Webmaster  Vernon Smith
 Book Sales  Jane Medley Website  Bruce Homer-Smith
 YouTube Channel Administration  Paul Kryloff

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