This year, we are inviting everyone to think about the wider effects of choices we make on our property. People still think of land as a resource for human use, not as a home for thousands of other living things. Can we make room for lichens, lace wings, bunchgrasses and bluebirds, too? It doesn’t require sacrifice, only awareness. It isn’t difficult or expensive. Join us in 50 Acts of Caring, a challenge we are running on our Instagram page #marincnps. Accept the challenge, complete as many or as few as you like and share what you are doing with friends. Each small act contributes to making our neighborhoods healthier and more biodiverse a little at a time, both for us and for the other creatures that live here.


To access Instagram on the web, go to the address bar in the browser, then enter

  • Agree to take on the challenge by adding a comment
  • Post progress to social media using the specific hashtag for that challenge
  • Follow the account to get notifications of new postings
  • Check the account regularly to see updates.

You don’t have to have an Instagram account to view the site. but you’ll need one to participate.

Thanks for helping us improve our neighborhoods, one act of caring at a time.