On June 12, 2015 several teams of volunteers took part in a Plant Safari on Mt. Tamalpais organized by the Marin Municipal Water District.
The team which included Doreen and Vernon Smith went to Big Carson Canyon, and found several species including Streptanthus glandulosus ssp. secundus (one- sided jewelflower), Eriogonum luteolum var.caninum (Tiburon buckwheat), Cuscuta californica var. californica (short- flowered chaparral dodder), Navarretia heterodoxa (blue navarretia), Angelica tomentosa s(erpentine-seep angelica), Ligusticum apiifolium (lovage), Silene laciniata ssp. californica (California pink), Streptanthus batrachopus (Tamalpais jewelflower), and Streptanthus batrachopus (Tamalpais jewelflower).

Photos by Vernon Smith.

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