Doreen Smith led a hike to see the mid-Spring flowering species and Marin County’s largest vernal pool on Mount Burdell on March 29, 2015.
About 16 people took part and we saw at least 35 species in bloom, including Scutellaria tuberosa (blue skullcap)Plectritis macrocera (White short-spurred plectritis), Thysanocarpus radians (round-pod lace-pod), Delphinium variegatum  (royal larkspur), Delphinium patens  (woodland spreading larkspur), and Ranunculus lobbii (Lobb’s aquatic buttercup).
The Thysanocarpus radians (round-pod lace-pod) appears to be a new record for Marin County.
A list of the plants in flower is available here.

Photos by Vernon Smith

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