The Marin Chapter of the CNPS made a trip to The Cedars with Roger Raiche on June 7.

The Cedars is an area of great botanic, geologic, and scenic interest situated in a remote part of Sonoma County.
Roger Raiche has been insrumental in preserving this unique area, and he was a fount of information about the geology, history, and botany on our trip.

Even though this year has been less than ideal in terms of rainfall and many species have done poorly, we were able to view many endemic and rare species, some of which were:
Calochortus raichei, Streptanthus glandulosus ssp. hoffmanii, Streptanthus morrisonii, Streptanthus barbiger, Eriogonum cedrorum, Holodiscus discolor, Carex mendocinensis, Aquilegia eximia, and The Cedars form of Epipactis gigantea with purple foliage.
We were even treated to a close encounter with a rattlesnake.

Selection of photos below by Vernon Smith.

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