Cynoglossum grande IMG 1599h
Photo by Vernon Smith

Saturday, April 5, 9:30 a.m.–1:30p.m.

Join Nancy Hanson and Carolyn Longstreth on this classic Marin spring wildflower hike and admire the results of a fantastically successful weeding project that Nancy has spearheaded there. In spring, the lower stretch of Bill’s Trail in Devil’s Gulch offers one of the county’s most beautiful displays of spring flora. Masses of starry Solomon seal, hound’s tongue, and columbine mingle freely with checker lily, fairy bells, maidenhair fern, and fetid adder’s tongue, draping both sides of the trail. This year, the unusual precipitation pattern makes the extent and timing of the display hard to predict, but it’s always a beautiful walk and there are unusual woodies there, western leatherwood and California nutmeg.
Nancy will give a show-and-tell about how her dedicated group of weeders has managed to eradicate much of the invasive forget-me-not and how the natives have responded. After lunch at the waterfall, all participants will be invited to help with a bit of weeding. Easy walking. Distance of 1.5 miles?
Meet at the Devil’s Gulch Trailhead Parking Lot on Sir Frances Drake Blvd., Samuel P. Taylor State Park. Dress in layers, bring lunch, water, a hat and, if you’re so inclined, gardening gloves.
Leader: Carolyn Longstreth